Why I’m Running

I want to thank you for taking a few moments to visit my website. I hope you find it informative and useful to assist you in deciding who to vote for, as well a beneficial resource as an overview of Mississippi’s Justice Court system.

To begin, Justice Court is often described as “small claims court.” This title is true on one hand, but misleading on the other. As described on the Role of Justice Court tab, a Justice Court Judge presides over civil cases involving $3,500.00 or less, as well as criminal misdemeanor trials that occur outside the city limits. They are also responsible for authorizing search and arrest warrants, reviewing officer affidavits, and presiding over domestic protection orders, as well as setting bonds for those charged with misdemeanors and felonies.

I am seeking re-election to ensure justice is served to the people of Forrest County. I am seeking re-election to be sure our law enforcement officers have warrants that will stand up on appeal. I am seeking re-election to listen the victims, and protect their interests. I am seeking re-election to protect the Constitutional rights of the accused by making sure they have reasonable bonds, access to a public defender if needed, and recognition of their right to preliminary hearings and initial appearances. In essence, I am seeking re-election to see to it that the job is done, that it is done efficiently, and done correctly.

I was elected to this position last year by the people of Petal to fill the final year of Judge Causey’s term. I am now seeking re-election to a full four-year term on the Republican ticket. I truly believe our Constitution is a document that was developed to restrict the powers of government while empowering the people. I am running for re-election to be sure that the people are given a fair shake, and to hold the government to their burden of proof.

I am asking for your vote on November 5th to ensure that integrity, humility, and experience remain on the bench. Thank you once again for your support last year, and I truly hope that you will once again show that same enthusiasm and support by casting your vote for real experience.


Zachary M. Vaughn